Ever tried to make a toast in a sauna or make snow cones in the Sahara? Without proper AC, that’s pretty much what summer feels like – a never-ending ordeal of heat and more heat! Fortunately, Green Valley Cooling & Heating is here to add a winter-esque touch to your desert-like living room.

No Sweat, Only Chill

Whether it’s AC service, AC repair or AC installment; it’s time to bid the “sweat buckets challenge” goodbye! Green Valley’s licensed team doesn’t just deliver service, they bundle it with a sense of humor as cool as their AC units.

Remember when Alice fell into Wonderland? You’ll just be falling into your sofa while your AC takes you to a whole new Wonderland, one of perfectly-temperature-controlled goodness. So, when you need a break from the heat or just life in general, remember we’re here to make every season feel like the coziest winter.

Ready to Chill?

Don’t let the summer boil your bones or the winter freeze your toes. Give us a call whenever the temperature threatens to spoil your mood. With Green Valley, every season is a Cool Season. So, are you ready not to break a sweat?

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