Bee Busters, a full-service bee and wasp control company in Orange County, California, recently provided an effective and affordable solution to a homeowner’s bee infestation problem. After noticing a large number of bees swarming around their property, the homeowner contacted Bee Busters to evaluate the situation and take action.

The Bee Busters team arrived promptly and conducted a thorough inspection of the property, identifying the location of the bee hive and the size of the colony. After assessing the situation, the Bee Busters team safely removed the hive and the bees, ensuring to avoid any property damage. They then relocated the bees to a safe, suitable environment away from the home.

In addition to removing the bees, Bee Busters also provided the homeowners with additional protection against wasp infestations by treating the area around the home with an insecticide spray. This spray kept wasps away from the home for the entire season.

The homeowners were grateful to the Bee Busters team for their quick response and excellent work in removing the bees and treating the area to protect against future infestations. The team’s careful removal of the hive and bees ensured that the bees were relocated safely and humanely, and that no further damage was done to the property.

Bee Busters provides professional and efficient bee removal and wasp elimination services to homeowners in Orange County, California. With the knowledgeable and experienced team at Bee Busters, homeowners can be sure that their bee and wasp infestations will be safely and effectively taken care of.

Bee Busters

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