Have you ever braced yourself for a warm shower on a cold morning and been greeted instead by ice-cold water shooting down your back? If that sounds familiar, then you’re probably from Crown Point, IN, Portage, IN, Merrillville, IN, Gary, IN, Hobart, IN or Valparaiso, IN , and you might need our services!

Furnace Maintenance – The Hero of Cold Mornings

The culprit behind your cold morning surprise could be a faulty furnace. But fret not! Our furnace maintenance crew can swoop in, do their magic, and restore heat to your home faster than you can finish your hot cup of cocoa!

Sometimes, the problem isn’t the lack of heat but rather, too much of it – especially when you’re trying to plug in your TV to catch up on some Netflix action and the stubborn socket just wouldn’t cooperate.

Plug in Peace with Our Electricians

Our expert electricians from Maglish Plumbing, Heating, & Electric are always at the ready to assist you in making your electricity woes a thing of the past. With a proper heating service repair and a bit of help from our plumber, you can go back to enjoying your heated showers and hassle-free Netflix nights.

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