In the complex world of HVAC systems, myths and misconceptions can often mislead consumers. Among them, maybe you have come across the idea that All Makes (AMHAC), a reputable Furnace Service and Heating Service company based in Scarsdale is only proficient in specific HVAC brands. This mistaken belief, we assure you, is a myth that we aim to debunk in this blog post.

A Variety of HVAC Brands? No Problem

Firstly, let’s address a common myth that All Makes Heating and Air Conditioning Corp only services heating systems of specific brands. The truth is vastly different. The very name ‘All Makes’ signifies the company’s ability to service an extensive range of heating systems produced by diverse manufacturers. Equipped with a team of seasoned technicians, they have comprehensive training and experience on a wide assortment of HVAC systems, not just limited to a single or a select few.

At the heart of the misconception, that All Makes only deals with a cherrypicked list of brands, lies obliviousness about the company’s industry experience. Founded in 1960, the company has accumulated rich wisdom, understanding of various HVAC systems, and ironed out technical issues across almost all available brands. Thus, regardless of the make or model of your heating system, you can expect expert service every time.

Expertise and Authenticity

Another myth that we’d like to debunk here is regarding the authenticity of the company’s services. Many tend to believe that since the company works on various HVAC brands, they might not provide original parts during replacements. This couldn’t be further from the truth. All Makes is committed to top-notch service and ensures they replace any defunct part with authentic brand-specific components, thereby ensuring longevity and optimal functioning.

Moreover, seeking professional services from experts like All Makes (AMHAC) can potentially save consumers from undue expenses in the longer run. Ignoring proper maintenance or applying untested ‘quick fixes’ can lead to more severe complications, which might even prompt complete system replacement. The experience and expertise All Makes offers are indeed beneficial to ensure the health of your heating systems.

Remember, it’s easy to fall victim to common misconceptions in the realm of HVAC servicing. However, understanding the truth behind these myths can lead to smarter decisions concerning your systems. Here’s to clearer insights and warmer, cozier homes this winter!

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