If ever a topic was fraught with misconceptions and myths, it’s the domain of swimming pools. Pool Mart, Western New York’s Premier Home Leisure Company, encourages pool owners to base their decisions on facts rather than fiction. But first, it’s essential to debunk some of the most common pool-related myths.

Myth 1: Chlorine Turns Blonde Hair Green

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not the chlorine in pool water that turns blonde hair green. It’s actually the copper found in the water or the copper-based algaecides used to treat it. So before you blame chlorine for your emerald-hued hair, consider the other contributors.

Myth 2: The Strong Chlorine Smell Means The Pool Is Clean

In reality, a strong smell of chlorine does not necessarily equate to a clean pool. Often, the overpowering scent signifies the reaction of chlorine with ammonia and other waste products, forming chloramines. Adequate pool sanitization means there is enough free chlorine to combat these impurities, thus ensuring a minimal chlorine smell.

Myth 3: Clear Water Is an Indication of a Healthy Pool

Clear water doesn’t always mean your pool is clean. Pathogens and contaminants could still be present even if your pool looks pristine. Regular testing is crucial to maintain the right pH levels and ensure a healthy and safe pool environment.

At Pool Mart, we strive to effectively debunk the myths around pools and provide accurate information. Our expert team offers reliable advice and solutions to help you enjoy your swimming pool to the fullest. Get going to create a perfect oasis right in your backyard with our comprehensive pool services.

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