Every homeowner craves a tranquil environment, and part of this serene atmosphere entails a sound air conditioning and heating unit. Often, you have to rely on highly-specialized companies, like ABC Air Conditioning and Heating Specialist Incâ„¢, which hold a reputation for excellence in AC Repair and Air Quality Services. However, it’s equally rewarding to familiarize yourself with some handy DIY tips to enhance the performance of your air conditioning & heating equipment.

Regular Filter Replacements

The most basic yet essential maintenance move starts with replacing your AC filters. A dirty filter blocks airflow, reducing your system’s efficiency, and can eventually lead to system failure. The golden rule states that the more the occupants and pets in a house, the more frequent you replace the filters, typically every 1-2 months.

Clean Outside Unit

Cleaning the outdoor unit of your air conditioning system is another critical DIY move. Over time, the outside unit gets clogged with dirt, leaves, and other debris, which may hinder the system’s performance. You can easily unclog the unit using a garden hose, thus enhancing the system’s output and power efficiency.

Calibrate Your Thermostat

Your air conditioning and heating system’s efficiency also significantly depends on the proper operation of the thermostat. If your home still feels uncomfortable despite the AC running, you might need to calibrate your thermostat. An improperly calibrated thermostat can cause the air conditioning unit to overwork, resulting in excessive energy costs. Click here for a simple guide on how to calibrate your thermostat.

Professional Maintenance Check-ups

While your DIY skills might come in handy in maintaining your AC, it’s necessary to schedule professional maintenance checkups now and then. Skilled technicians from ABC Air Conditioning & Heating Specialist Incâ„¢ can carry out an in-depth examination and cleaning of your AC equipment, enhancing its lifespan.

The bottom line, proper maintenance of your air conditioning and heating system ensures optimal performance and longevity. With these few DIY tips, you can rest assured that the air in your house remains at the temperature you want, whenever you want.

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