Advantage Service Co. has been setting the standard in the heating and electrical industry for over thirty years. Based out of major cities in Arkansas, with teams in Little Rock, Sherwood, and North Little Rock, the company prides itself on its comprehensive range of services. They have a proven track-record in furnace repair, electrical service, and everything in between.

State-of-the-Art Furnace Service and Repair

Technicians at Advantage Service Co. are known for their exceptional skills in furnace service. From a simple tune-up to a complex repair, the team handles all customer needs with precision and dedication. Additionally, when a furnace reaches its life term or fails beyond repair, the company steps in for a seamless and affordable furnace replacement, making sure your comfort isn’t compromised.

Their expertise extends beyond furnace service and repair. The company also provides an unrivaled heater installation service that guarantees warmth and comfort during the grueling winter months in Arkansas. Every detail from choosing the appropriate heater to its strategic placement is paid attention to.

Premier Electrical Services

As a full-spectrum service provider, Advantage Service Co.’s skilled workers also specialize in secure and efficient electrical service. High customer satisfaction and safety stand at the heart of their electrical work, with certified professionals ensuring all electrical concerns are met with expert solutions.

In addition to offering top-notch furnace repair, furnace service, heater installation, and electrical services, they also provide consistent and thorough heating repair in Cabot and Conway, AR. By extending their exceptional services throughout Arkansas, Advantage Service Co. ensures a warm and electrifying experience for all customers, irrespective of their location. They are certainly the one-stop solution for all heating and electrical needs.

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