Summers in Tucson, AZ can feel like you’ve accidentally wandered into the Sahara desert. But thanks to the legendary service from Temperature Control, Inc., turning your home into an oasis of cool comfort is as easy as pressing a button.

We offer exceptional HVAC, Electrical & Plumbing services so high-quality they’d make a seasoned engineer blush! We’ve been keeping Tucson’s temperatures ‘under control’ with our world-class repairs and installations. No job is too sweaty for our skilled technicians – we can turn the most sweltering casa into a frosty paradise quicker than you can say “I’m melting!”

Whether it’s an air conditioning unit acting up, rogue electrics, or plumbing more complicated than a maze, Temperature Control, Inc. comes to the rescue faster than a superhero. And yes, we know superheroes typically don’t repair HVAC systems; but trust us, in 112 degrees of heat, we are definitely super!

Forget being a roasted nacho in the Sonoran Desert; we’ll have you feeling like a chilled margarita at your favorite beach in no time! Turn that grimace into a grin with Temperature Control, Inc.: Powering cool vibes, one desert abode at a time.

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