There’s no denying the importance of a well-functioning air conditioner in your home, more so, if you reside in Omaha, NE where the summer heat can be quite intense. This is where D & N Heating & Cooling’s expertise comes in handy. While our professional AC Repair service is always at your disposal, there exist simple preventive HVAC service measures that you can handle DIY style, contributing to the longevity of your AC unit.

Firstly, always keep your AC unit clean. Dirt and debris, over time, can build up on the external parts of the AC unit, obstructing airflow which in turn might lead to decreased efficiency and potential system damage. Regularly inspect the unit, remove dirt from the surface, and ensure nothing blocks the surrounding area. However, a deep cleaning of the internal components should be left for the professionals.

Secondly, replacing or cleaning the air filters constitutes an essential AC maintenance routine. A clogged filter translates to the obstructed airflow, leading to reduced cooling efficiency and increased indoor air pollution. If you cannot clean it, consider replacing it every three months.

Additionally, Check on your thermostat regularly. In case you’re still operating a manual thermostat, consider switching to a programmable one. It permits you to control your home’s temperature at different times of the day, improving energy efficiency and comfort.

Your AC’s outdoor unit needs to be leveled. Over time, the platform on which your unit sits may start to tilt, affecting how it drains condensate. Correct any tilt to avoid damages to your AC.

While these tips are helpful to maintain your AC unit, some tasks require professional HVAC service in Omaha, NE. From time to time, your AC will require a tune-up or precise repairs. This is where D & K Heating & Cooling step in, offering unparalleled AC repair and air conditioning installation services.

Remember, frequently scheduling an AC service with us will help prolong its lifespan, save energy, and promote healthy quality indoor air in your Omaha, NE home. Irritations or a total AC breakdown can’t always be predicted, but performing the aforementioned DIY maintenance and having regular professional checkups can help you avert or deal with the majority issues until a proper air conditioning installation or AC repair near Omaha, NE can be done.

Trust D & K Heating & Cooling for reliable AC services that work and last. Your HVAC system is a critical investment and with our unrivaled expertise, we can keep it functioning at its best for years to come.

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