Are you looking to refresh your home or business space? Whether you’re in Rocklin, Roseville, Granite Bay, or Lincoln, CA, these DIY painting and remodeling tips will help you achieve professional-looking results. While Perryman Painting & Remodeling is always here to assist with your projects, we understand that sometimes you want to tackle the job yourself. Here’s our guide to help you get started.

Residential Painting Tips

1. Preparation is key:
– Clean walls thoroughly
– Repair any cracks or holes
– Sand rough areas
– Use painter’s tape for clean edges

2. Choose the right paint:
– Consider the room’s purpose and lighting
– Select a finish that suits the space (matte, eggshell, semi-gloss, etc.)
– Invest in quality paint for better coverage and durability

3. Use proper techniques:
– Start with a primer if needed
– Paint in a “W” pattern for even coverage
– Allow adequate drying time between coats

Commercial Painting Considerations

When painting a commercial space, keep these factors in mind:

– Durability: Choose paints that can withstand high traffic and frequent cleaning
– Brand consistency: Ensure colors align with your company’s branding
– Timing: Plan painting during off-hours to minimize disruption
– Safety: Use low-VOC paints for better air quality

Kitchen Remodeling Essentials

1. Plan your layout:
– Consider the work triangle (sink, stove, refrigerator)
– Maximize storage with clever cabinet solutions
– Allow for adequate counter space

2. Choose materials wisely:
– Select durable countertops that fit your budget and style
– Opt for easy-to-clean flooring
– Invest in quality hardware for cabinets and drawers

3. Lighting matters:
– Incorporate task lighting under cabinets
– Install ambient lighting for overall illumination
– Consider decorative pendant lights for visual interest

Interior Painting Best Practices

1. Color selection:
– Use a color wheel to find complementary shades
– Test paint samples on your walls before committing
– Consider the psychological effects of different colors

2. Accent walls:
– Choose a focal point in the room
– Use bold colors or patterns to create visual interest
– Balance the accent wall with neutral tones elsewhere

3. Texture techniques:
– Experiment with faux finishes for added depth
– Try color washing or rag rolling for a unique look
– Use textured paint for minor wall imperfections

Regional Considerations

When painting or remodeling in Rocklin, Roseville, Granite Bay, or Lincoln, CA, keep these local factors in mind:

– Climate: Choose paints and materials that can withstand hot summers and occasional rain
– Style trends: Incorporate popular design elements that appeal to the local market
– Energy efficiency: Consider using cool roof coatings or energy-efficient windows in your remodeling projects


While these DIY tips can help you tackle your painting and remodeling projects, remember that some jobs are best left to professionals. If you find yourself overwhelmed or unsatisfied with the results, don’t hesitate to reach out to Perryman Painting & Remodeling. Our experienced team is always ready to assist with your residential and commercial painting and remodeling needs in Rocklin, Roseville, Granite Bay, and Lincoln, CA.

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